Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This video says it all: people are angry, very angry at the continuous bail-outs and protection of the big bankers who created the financial problems. I am afraid this is just the beginning. Taxpayers form a big pressure group in the US and if they speak, Obama should listen.
Republicans are on the offensive.
How angry are the people? I quote Jesse, who now sound like a pressure cooker:
"And after the Summers disappointment we received the the Rubin protege, Tim Geithner, with the thinnest of financial backgrounds, who while at the NY Fed helped to help transform the housing bubble collapse into the bailout bust.

His position at Treasury is such an obvious, glaring mismatch that he cannot even staff key jobs in his own department. Who would want to work under such an obvious, embarrassing failure?

This is not a poor performance. This is an abject, incompetent inability to address the most critical issue facing this country.

This is Obama's Iraq: a morass of crippling failure brought on by horrible advice from key advisors with their own agendas.

President Obama throws rhetoric at the problem from a distance, like he is still campaigning against something. He leaves the impression of a more articulate Bush, inspiring no lasting confidence, giving no impression that he is in charge, on top of the situation, in control with a well thought out plan. He can make you feel good while he is speaking, then reality sets in and you realize that there is nothing there. Where are the management skills to back up the rhetoric?

Don't get us wrong. This is still early in the game. But the Democrats are losing the early rounds, as the situation grows more dire.

Well, Mr. Obama, you are President now, and even though you have only a short time in the office, so far you have shown us nothing.Your shepherding of a stimulus bill through the Congress was a nightmare, made worse by Nancy Pelosi who is a mediocre House Speaker at best, but appears a dynamo in comparison to Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Tired old solutions, inbred beltway thinking, old boy insider dealing.

Embarrassing. Unworthy. Amateurish. Pathetic.

You are failing, and we see it, and the anger, and sense of quiet panic, is building.

Time to get serious, to get it together. Time to step up to the job and take command. Time to show us your best stuff, find the levers, roll up your sleeves, and step down from the pulpit."

The problem is that Tim Geithner c.s. cannot think outside of the box. They hold on to Keynes as if holding a Teddy bear. Definitely fireworks and we will follow this breaking story.

UPDATE 1: Hypocrisy!
UPDATE 2: Bonus issue known for weeks.
UPDATE 3: CNBC: AIG Outrage could hamper rescue of financial system. Guilt message
from CNBC: let Geither/Summers do their job: they know what they're doing (?;)).

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