Sunday, March 15, 2009

ZUMA: ANC Roots Are In Church

Hear, Hear, The Opportunist Is Talking....

"The ANC practically derives its moral vision from the Church and other sources", Zuma says.

Let's dissect this as we've heard it all before (just read history books):
  1. Our Party derives its moral vision from the church (= God).
  2. God = always right.
  3. Therefore Our Party is always right.
  4. Discussion is impossible because we are right and implicitly, you are wrong.
  5. Because you are wrong you must be the enemy.
  6. Because you are the enemy you must be destroyed.
  7. To destroy you we need weapons and must use violence.
  8. Violence is good because God says we are right.
Sounds familiar? I'm sure you've heard this blah, blah, blah from any religious state (Israel, Iran, Pakistan, etc.). Of course Zuma knows how to play his audience. How can religious people be against the ANC if they BOTH derive their moral vision from the church? Therefore, religious people should vote for the ANC! They can't vote for another party as they are not one of us!!

So here you have it Folks! The Opportunist talks...and people listen.

ZUMA: ANC roots are in Church

Johannesburg - The ANC has its roots in the Christian faith, party president Jacob Zuma said at the Rhema Church in Randburg on Sunday.

Zuma, who was welcomed among much applause and praise, told the congregation that he was honoured to be a part of the service.

"The ANC has its roots in the Christian faith, but celebrates and supports all other faiths.

"The ANC practically derives its moral vision from the Church and other sources," he said.

Zuma added that sometimes there would be interferences between the state and the church.

"For example, to discuss the termination of pregnancy legislation and same sex relationships...

"These are thought to be controversial or taboo, but to live in harmony we need to have open dialogues and discussion," he said.

At the end of Zuma's speech to the congregation, Pastor Ray McCauley prayed for him.


UPDATE: ABOUT 50 people walked out of the Rhema Bible Church yesterday, in apparent protest at its inviting African National Congress (ANC) president Jacob Zuma.