Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Troy Ounce advertisements


Many people buy gold as a safe haven and get advices from brokers. “Trust us”, they say, “We give you a piece of paper. Paper gold is as good as real gold”.

So the financial industry created a phantasy world with paper gold several times bigger in volume than there is physical gold.

This works well in good times. Until people start getting really nervous and start asking for delivery. “We can’t deliver”, the Financials will then say, “and we saw the broker leaving for the hills”.

And you are the owner of that piece of paper. Nothing more, nothing less.

There should be nothing between you and your gold: no shares, I.O.U’s, agents or companies.

The only safe haven that exists is physical gold in your direct possession; anything else is a risk.

The KRUGERRAND is a gold coin with the biggest market share in the world. It can easily be sold and stored, is immune to decay and cannot be counterfeited.

Phone TROY OUNCE INVESTMENTS (Pty) Ltd to purchase your own KRUGERRANDS
Our telephone number: 021-425.2520. www.troyounce.co.za. Only then you can relax!

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