Sunday, April 5, 2009

US Operation Confidence Con


To restore the underlying false confidence in our economic and monetary systems thus continuing the dominance of the global financial power elite.

Plan of Attack:

1) Start by having the President tell the investing public to buy stocks because they are cheap.

2) Slam the gold and silver markets using the traditional COMEX paper rigging operation to hide the truth about the condition of the US Dollar and the fact that the world is quickly running out of both physical metals.

3) Have CEO's of major banks such as Citigroup and JP Morgan announce that they had a great first two months (excluding losses in mortgage portfolios, credit card portfolios, credit default swaps and other toxic derivatives)

4) Have the Plunge Protection Team flood the markets with stock buy orders to flush the shorts and brings along the perma Bulls like lemmings.

5) Float rumors of ending mark-to-market accounting and re-instating the uptick rule to fry the short traders.

6) Have GM announce that they don't need the extra $2B in March (ooo, so all their problems are cured... for 3 weeks at least!)

7) Have the Muppets on financial TV programs proclaim that the bottom is in and it's safe to go back in the investing water.

8) Introduce a restrictive US mining law that would destroy all hard rock mining operations in the US so the banking cabal can cover their naked mining share shorts..

9) Downgrade GE to AA+ and declare "it's a good thing" giving them a "Stable" outlook and goose their share price so no one thinks there's anything wrong..."No problems here".

10) Do anything and everything you can except NEVER show the true fragile state of the monetary system with over a QUADRILLION DOLLARS in derivatives that have yet to be resolved ( fact they are growing exponentially!)

EXPECTED RESULT: Buy a few more weeks/months before the complete collapse of the global monetary system.

Bix Weir
March 12, 2009

May we ad the previous article? To be continued soon......

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