Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mark Faber: Watch Out For Government Confiscation Of Gold

Mark Faber: Watch Out For Government Confiscation of Gold

"It is dangerous to be right if the government is wrong" and "don't overestimate the intelligence of Central Bankers" are just 2 comments of this oracle with Max Keiser (sorry, Max) in the video

This is actually the 2nd time this month I blog about this topic.

How should we translate these confiscation comments. I really would like to sleep well at night and not worry about Big Brother.

In this last article I write that the risk of confiscation depends on how deep the depression will be.

Can we expect severe social unrest? Or only political instability?

We need to be careful, vigilant, on-our-toes, critical, vocal, angry and try to relax at the same time ;)

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