Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MONEY MULTIPLIER (XX-rated animated advertising spot)

XXXX- I knew it: the Chines are eyeballing the British Pound -XXXX

Note: XXX-rated; R18+, etc, animated advertising spot.

If you do not like it; skip it.

This spot has been created by Andreas Pohl and Petra Delitsch. Produced by Steffi Beck and Tobias Ziegler at Optix.

3D Animation: Markus Geerts (lead), Michael Gottschalk, Florian Weyh, Marc Goecke. Compositing: Marcel Lemme, Daniel Brylka.

Creative agency: Grabarz & Partner. Creatives: Fedja Kehl and Paul von Mühlendahl.

TRIVIA: The twenty pound banknote is called a "score" in English slang.

Thanks for the link Maia G.

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