Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where Is Our Meili??

The whistle blower gets his "thank you".

The News Junkies of this world might remember Meili

Christoph Meili (born April 21, 1968) is a Swiss whistleblower.

In early 1997, Meili worked as a night guard at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS, precursor of UBS AG) in Zurich, Switzerland.

He discovered that officials at UBS were destroying documents about orphaned assets, i.e., credit balances of deceased Jewish clients whose heirs' whereabouts were unknown.

Destruction of such documents was a violation of Swiss laws. So Meili took them home. After the Swiss authorities sought to arrest Meili, he and his family were given political asylum in the United States.

Obviously, Meili has intelligence and guts. Unfortunately, as he admits, he was naïve at that time. He is now broke, divorced, without a job and living in Switzerland again (German). But he still does not regret his actions!

Find here the web site containing the audio where Meili contemplates his future.

Gold bugs are crying out loud: "Where is our Meili"?

But it is obvious that:
  1. being a whistle blower can be very, very difficult and dangerous and
  2. one should forget the USA as the country to get political asylum

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