Thursday, June 25, 2009

New York Subway Station to be Renamed: "Derivative Junk".

Not sure, or was it "We Make Trash From An Asset?

In a surprise development today it was announced that one of the busiest subway stations in Brooklyn will be called "Derivative Junk" subway. Said a senior official of the MTA, owner of New York subway stations:
"Let's be honest, there is nothing real here. The whole banking system is based on hot air. You think you buy an ounce of gold and you get a piece of paper in return, issued by criminals. We believe it is of extreme importance that we give the rights to people or companies in accordance with the heritage of the place. And that heritage is "hot air". What's wrong with that?"
His colleague, less friendly, admitted there was something wrong with the thinking of MTA. He said:
"But hey, who f*** cares. No me! I will be on a f****** pension from next month onwards. Only problem is the f******s are going to cut my monthly payment with 70%. Now p*** off!"
Other officials declined to comment.

New York Subway Station to be Renamed: "Derivative Junk".

The MTA officially has sold naming rights to one of its busiest subway stations in Brooklyn. That means McDonald's 42nd Street and Taco Bell 59th Street-Columbus Circle could be right around the corner -- or not.

Sell the name of a station to an advertiser: It's a business strategy the cash-strapped agency has been developing for years. But no one has been willing to pay up until now.

Strangely enough, it's a London-based bank that wants first dibs on subway stops at Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street transit hub. The $4 million deal got approved today, which means all of the subway stations at the busy Brooklyn hub will have "Derivative Junk" added to their names.

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