Thursday, June 18, 2009

South Africa: Minister of Planning to oversee Lies Statistics.

Trevor Manuel: Minister of Planning: "the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth"?


Beware free press, bloggers and free market thinkers: life is going to change in South Africa.

(No, no, no, not you from the mainstreet press, please go back to sleep)

Step 1: control parliament. Check;
Step 2: control statistics. Check;
Step 3: control media. In Progress;
Step 4: control them with the army.....
Step 5: Oooh, look what is in the cookie jar! for you...two for for you...three for me...

This has happened many times before in history. The liberation army, drunk with power, becomes the oppressor.

There is no reason to take control of such an important institution other than to control the spin.

Manuel takes over Stats SA

Johannesburg - National Planning Commission Minister Trevor Manuel is to take over responsibility for Stats SA, Business Day reported on Thursday.

The organisation will also have its role expanded to supply information needed for government's strategic planning, statistician-general Pali Lehohla said on Wednesday.

"There will be drastic changes in relation to the information we are collecting because planning information is very detailed."

While Stats SA, together with the Treasury and the SA Revenue Service, used to report to the finance ministry, it will now report to Manuel in the planning commission instead.

Stats SA would also have obligations to collect new types of statistics relevant to the work of the commission, the newspaper reported.

For example those of small business, rural development and local government delivery, as well as accurate administrative records would now be sought.

"The survey programme will have to be much bigger. It also means that the there will have to be much stronger co-ordination and it means that the quality of information we get from other departments will have to be scrutinised fully," Lehohla said.

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