Friday, June 19, 2009

U.S. Military Set to Intercept North Korean Ship Suspected of Proliferating Missiles, Nukes

Welcome, Dear Leader

The USS John McCain, a navy destroyer, will intercept the ship Kang Nam as soon as it leaves the vicinity off the coast of China, according to a senior U.S. defense official.

Foxnews: Navy positions destroyer for possible interception...

Guardian: Navy prepares to intercept North Koren Ship

Japan Times: Ship inspection could be a recipe for conflict

Bild, Germany: Hawaii shores up missile defence

Bloomberg: Defence Officials to press China on North Korea

Youtube (video)
: Nuclear armed North Korea a grave threat
: The practicalities of intercepting WMD

Update: Vessel Kang Nam likely heading for Myanmar (Reuters). Learn about Myanmar (Burma). Study (also video) the national anthem quickly. Learn US (video) North Korean (video) national anthem; depending who wins this standoff; you never know :)

Update1: Why Myanmar (Wall Street Journal)?

Update2: Singapore will act if vessel has WMD (Reuters and The Hindu).

Update3: "we counter a pistol with a cannon, a cannon with a missile, a sanction with revenge, and a nuclear weapon with a nuclear weapon" (Korean Times)

Update4: (06/22): North Korea warns US of retaliation (Al Jazeera); says it will hit back (AFP).

Update5: (06/23) North Korea alerts Japan to offshore exercises.

Update6: (06/27)
South to Boost Surgical Strike Capability Against North Korea

Update7: (06/29) North Korean Vessel changes course, heading back

Update8: (07/03): NK fires four short -range missiles

Update9: (07/03): USA ready to intercept NK long range missile

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