Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vuvuzela War in Holland!

Vuvuzela - Legendary Horn

Vuvuzela War in Holland! Noisiest WorldCup Ever!

Telegraaf, Holland

Google translation:
There is a real Vuvuzela war threat in the Netherlands. The company SoccerID reported Monday to import the controversial South African horn to Europe. Within three to four weeks the first Vuvuzela's should be for sale in the Netherlands. NoLimitation however, claims to have exclusive distribution rights for the Vuvuzela.

NoLimitation BV acquired the exclusive rights to the Vuvuzela and use of the name through Urbas Kehrberg GmbH, the German company which claims to have the rights to all EU countries. This means that, according NoLimitation, they are the only company in the Netherlands with the right to sell the three-piece horn under the name Vuvuzela.

The sound of the Vuvuzela can be compared with a huge swarm of angry bees, is the cause of annoyance and discussion at the Confederations Cup. But there is a lot of interest in the horn.

"The Vuvuzela is among the standard equipment of every South African soccer fan," says Paul Buyse, owner of NoLimitation. "The horn gets negative media attention due to its use in stadiums, but people can use them at home and in the pub. Is noise not part of a football match?

Read about the Vuvuzela in USA Today.

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