Monday, July 27, 2009

Financial Information of EU Citizens Sold to US.

Big Brother is watching you

Despite the decision in 2001 not to exchange bank information of EU citizens with the USA the EU has decided to reverse this decision.
The explanation is "terrorism" but I just wonder if the Americans would provide Europeans with financial information of their people. To get a glimpse on the attitude of the American officials just listen to Sarah Palins' remark yesterday: "never apologize for your country" or their consistent opposition to an international court that could hold US military and political leaders to a uniform global standard of justice.
The big fat middle finger in your face says it all.
So, if you ever were wondering what that red dot was on your forehead, the clicks in the telephone line or that coughing guy in the black cape you regularly see disappearing in the shadow outside your house, you now know it might have something to do with that Iranian rug you bought last week with your VISA credit card.

Story: Die Welt (German)

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  1. Compliments for undigging this story. Had seen it about a week ago somewhere but Go ogle searches did not yield this result for me.