Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meredith Whitney Sucks Up to Goldman Sachs

Meredith Whitney: My Golden US$ Man wink, wink

Mike Morgan Behind Enemy Lines
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"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson

"When the people and the government fear Goldman Sachs, there is economic dictatorship that will destroy the very fabric of our existence as a civilized society." - Mike Morgan

Meredith Whitney Sucks Up to Goldman Sachs

Meredith in the Mud -When Meredith left the Street to strike out on her own, there were two outcomes. One, she would have the freedom to tell the truth, instead of being under pressure to color the truth to maintain relationships. That is what I hoped for.

Instead, we got the dark side of Meredith. This morning Meredith Whitney official admitted that she cannot make it on her own, and she needs the power and might of the scraps Goldman Sachs will throw her way. Meredith is emulating the former dark Queen of the Homebuilders, Ivy Zelman, before she was booted out of Credit Suisse. Ivy now makes it a practice to suck up to homebuilders that can throw her a few bones.

Shame on Meredith - Today she prostituted herself in her nauseating glowing remarks about Goldman Sachs. What Meredith failed to point out, was exactly how and where Goldman Sachs is making their money . . . on the backs of pension funds, endowments and other fiduciary money that they are manipulating and front running. I should also mention, Meredith has failed to even hint at the problems facing Goldman Sachs as a going concern.

If Meredith were truly providing relevant and unbiased information, she'd be talking about the plethora of problems Goldman Sachs is facing as our economy falls deeper and deeper into what will eventually be a violent Depression.

Liar, Liar - And you gotta love the Dark Queen's comment that she was afraid to tell us how bad things really were. Is she kidding? She had no clue what was going on until after the fact, and she was late to the party. Moreover, she's still late to the party if she thinks unemployment is going to stop at 13% and if she thinks Goldman Sachs can get away with criminal conduct to generate profits.

I'd love to sit and write a long piece on this, but I simply don't have the energy yet, and I have too many other things on my plate. Hopefully, the pros at Zero Hedge will expose the Dark Queen's dirty underwear.

Even though my heart attack and bypass surgery has slowed me down, there are others that are hot on the stinky scent of Goldman Sachs and Lord Blankfein. Zero Hedge does a great job, as does Reggie Middleton. On our www.GoldmanSachs666.com website, I can no longer run like I was, but we will not simply walk away. There are a couple of posters that have been approved, and two more coming on board this week.

POSTING - We will be inviting all legitimate bloggers and posters to post at www.GoldmanSachs666.com - I will provide you with access to write your post, and our editors will review it prior to going live. For guys like Zero Hedge and Reggie, it is a great way to draw more attention to the cause. All they need to is post one or two paragraphs of their original post, and then have a link to their blogs for readers to read the full post and other relevant material about Goldman Sachs. So if you are interested, just email me - Mike@Morgan7.com

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