Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Netherlands Antilles: Introduce US$ as Best Weapon Against Financial Crisis And Inflation

Welcome to the Netherlands?

I just had to look twice to this article in the Dutch Spitsnieuws but it is true. Now you know why the Carribean Islands are poor: they do not read. Bloggers and commentators as Max Keiser, Zero Hedge, Jesse's American Cafe, Prudent Investor, News Kontent, Mish, Financial Armageddon, Naked Capitalism, Calculated Risk, Jim Sinclair, Commodity Trade Alert, Steve Keen's Debt Watch, Generational Dynamics, Daily Bell etc are all there to inform you. They are for free and the only thing one must do is switch on the computer and voila: a wealth of information on why it would be incredible destructive to introduce a currency of which the printing presses are running like mad.

Netherlands Antilles Central Bank: Introduce the US$!

Spitsnieuws.nl . Free Google translation

Emsley Tromp, director of the Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, on Monday called for the introduction of the US dollar if and when Curaçao will become an independent country.

According to Tromp, the introduction of the dollar is the best weapon against future international financial crises. He also said it will minimize inflation and exchange rate costs.

The Government of the Caribbean is not as far as Tromp. Finance Minister Ersilia de Lannoy weighs off the pros and cons of introducing the dollar.

After the dismantling of the Antilles, planned for next year, Curacao hopes to become an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, just as St. Martin. All islands currently use the Antillean Guilder.

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