Friday, September 11, 2009

IAAF: Before you jump, can I have a look in your panty?

So the IAAF started something with their gender test on Caster Semanya. How dare they leaking medical information to the press in Australia and UK! But let's have a look at the IAAF themselves and where this decision comes from. Right from IAAF's web site, herewith a picture from the President, Ueber-Man with 15 children, Mr Lamine "Testosterone" Diack (Senegal):

Trust him, together with the co-vice President of the IAAF, Professor Doctor Helmut "Ordung Muss Sein!" Digel, (German) and expert on gender, born in 1944 (times of joy) who undoubtedly has to break the news to Caster:

"Vee are verry sorry, but ve have decided that you are a mistake and your mosser and faser made a mistake by raising you as a fiemale, Ja. Haben Sie das verstehen. Ja? You are a Male! Zis will most probably zistroy your life, but we have ze rules and ve must always obey ze rules."

Look, Mr IAAF "Testosterone" and "Ordung Muss Sein", while you are zistroying lives, can we please discuss your double standards? Can you please check every athlete? Because not every female with hidden male organs looks the same. I list a few "Hummers" which you missed,, either because you did not have the balls (;)) to stand up to them or you felt intimidated by important countries and missed them for political reasons:

Crystl Bustos, Team USA Softball

Jarmina Kratochviloca, 1985, 800 m.

Lindsay Davenport, USA, tennis, Olympic & grand slam winner

Cheryl Haworth, USA Weight lifting

Carmello Anthany, USA, WNBA

Anikka (Nick) Sorenstam, golf

How could you have missed these "ladies"? Is it because the majority comes from the USA? And should you reject her femininity because it is f.i. 18% out of "normal", can you please check male athletes also to see if they are >18% too feminine or maybe >18% too male?

Good luck to you all!

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