Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The American Dream Neutered.

The American Dream Neutered.

Who cares!

A few days ago I read a post claiming that there is a Social Contract between the People of America and its Government. It stated that the Social Contract had been broken and gave suggestions how to repair this Contract.

My claim is that there is no Social Contract in the USA. The only "thing" you have is "The American Dream"(TAD), which implicitly says that everybody is on their own, with their own dream. The American Dream is a "How-To-Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme" which is the carrot (or the US$) dangling in front of you. How & with what & collateral damage & how fast you will get to the Walhalha of extreme wealth is not important.

So, my thesis is that there is no Social contract, only a dream of each individual to GRQ (Get-Rich-Quick). It is a race in which the weakling (the elder, sick & stupid) must falter (Alas!) as it is their own fault to be sick, old or stupid. And in the case of the present financial crisis, the Bankers won this race by paying the US Government US$ 6.5 Billion as a yearly fee in return for serfdom of the American People.

Serfdom is described as a condition of bondage or modified slavery. Serfdom is the enforced labour of serfs in the factories to pay off the accumulated debt to the Bankers in return for protection and the right to work in the factories.

And the American People? They lost. Big time. The American People now have this contract of serfdom with the Bankers from which they will not be able to get away from for at least a generation or two-three.

The American people of course are angry, but not at the bankers or their Government. They are angry at themselves because they lost the race for the American Dream. That's why there are no demonstration on the street! They are eating humble pie, trying to figure out what went wrong and why.

After the anger will come the bargaining, then the depression. And lastly the acceptance. Ask Kuebler-Ross.

You see the GRQ schemes all over the country in every crack of the American society: health care, lawyers, bankers, business men, the war machine , politics, social security....nobody cares as it is all or nothing, you or me. This lack of compassion has been America's domestic and foreign policy for 200 years and left them as the Pariah of the world. With a Capital "P".

The problem is: the majority of the American People are even proud of their lack of compassion! "Why should you help someone who got sick! Shit happens! Who cares? It is their own fault they cannot pay for proper care! Why should I pay for it? F&*#k them!" is the common denominator.

Granted, TAD brought us some entertainment: Coke, Windows, Apple, movies, Mcdonald's and all the great things that easily can be replaced and nobody will miss.

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