Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank you Obama; you're getting easier to ridicule.

Thank you Obama; it is getting easier to write about you and to ridicule your policies.

We had such high hopes of change, but alas.

Now we have to hear that war is justified in some cases.

Yes, of course: YOUR case. Every war monger has "a case". Ask them if they have a solid justification and reasoning for their wars. Of course they have!

Oil is no justification, land isn't, culture isn't, nothing is. Especially when the war is offensive and not defensive.

How the Nobel Prize Committee can sleep at night baffles me. Perhaps the prize is a tactical move to put him under pressure not to go to war? It looks that inflation in the US starts with Nobel prizes.

The latest joke of Obama can be read on ZeroHedge:

Please sit down. He said: "I Did Not Run For Office To Be Helping Out A Bunch Of Fat Cat Bankers On Wall Street. Some people on Wall Street still don't get it"

Thank you, please tell me more...

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