Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Stock Market Is A Scam, A Fraud. Get Out Of There!

You are being set up to lose and to be the proverbial loser.

Listen to this interview after 34 minutes and shiver.....Be afraid, very afraid.

UPDATE: May 2010: Huffington Post: Get Out of the Stock market right now!


  1. How could we be afraid? Don't get the idea.

  2. Well, my comments refer to the interview, but in case you do not want to listen:
    the stock market and stock market news is manipulated from beginning till the end. Wall street "educates" you to buy some stocks after which they dump the stocks and pocket the profit. Buying, selling, manipulating stocks is done with supreme cynicism. Pump and dump the American economy, cry foul, get bail out, pay your self bonuses and bet against the economy with the same bail out money. Some call it capitalism, I call it fraud. It is worth listen to from 34 minutes onwards.
    By the way: the derivative & commodities trader being interviewed is also silver specialist.