Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama's Political Jobs Report. Mission Accomplished?

After Being Milked By The System, Finally Good News For The Innocent?

The most interesting comment on the job report, due today, came from Jesse. Unfortunately he deleted it yesterday. The comment involved the spin the Obama administration is claiming to have succeeded in turning the economy around. "It is over, everything is getting better". "Mission accomplished." Jesse wrote that Obama was trying to say: IF SOMETHING HAPPENS NOW IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT ANYMORE. THEY DID THEIR JOB AND SUCCEEDED.
Interesting comment. You see the psychology and spin behind it? Is Obama expecting something to happen? Something the USA cannot control, huh? whatever that may be. In any case, expect "good news" in every newspaper and financial media. They need to shout harder as they have been busy spinning news for the last 2 years. More people on food stamps, more people asking for unemployment benefits, good news just does not add up.

Mission Accomplished?: Jesse
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Kaputt. Rose coloured glasses. Pic
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