Sunday, June 6, 2010

USA: What They Say And What They Do.

From a telling visualisation of US government spending on certain areas vs. media time on those areas. Yes, you are right, you guessed it.

"What our government spends vs. how much we talk about it. Two important aspects that help define and shape our society. Most Americans know that our government spends an insane amount of our tax dollars on defense, but how do you show just how much we spend compared to all other areas in our country? We wanted to use a minimal approach with no labeling necessary. The design says it all and shows what almost 70% of Federal contract spending going to defense looks like com paired to all other agencies (Education get's around 1%). For anyone asking for the numbers, visit and scroll down the page."
Click on chart for a bigger picture


  1. Some broken links, Gert.

    The main link to the pitchinteractive site should be:
    (I know that's what you put into the blog post, but if you don't include the http:// bit at the beginning of the url then the link will end up being relative to your blog home address).

    and a link to a bigger version of the graphic is:

    Some nitpicking comments, should add that I always enjoy the snippets of info you ferret out!

  2. Thanks Tian
    You see: even bloggers have limited knowledge ;)