Thursday, July 15, 2010


Just listen to the spin! I wonder how this Hilsenrath guy sleeps at night. He copied and pasted the spin directly from the Fed's emails. No criticism, no thinking..nothing. As long as the boss is happy. Just plain BS while America is burning.

*...* are mine

Wall Street Journal, by Jon Hilsenrath

Federal Reserve officials are beginning to debate quietly what steps they might take if the recovery *surprisingly* falters or if the inflation rate falls much more.

Fed officials, who meet next week to survey the state of the economy, believe *a durable recovery is on track* and their next move—though a ways off—will be to tighten credit, not ease it further. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has played down
the risk of a double-dip recession and signaled *guarded confidence in the recovery*.

But fiscal woes in Europe, stock-market declines at home and stubbornly high U.S. unemployment have alerted some officials to ...

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