Thursday, August 12, 2010

License Plate Recognition: Big Brother Is Watching You !


"No really, we use this software not to follow you, not to check you out, not to cross reference your movements with information from the tax man, insurance companies, employer and criminal records. Not at all!

You see, we are looking for terrorists.

Don't you agree we must do EVERYTHING to find evil people? Don't you agree we need to use the latest techniques to avoid a terrorist bombing?

An imaginary chat with civil servants in charge of project "find a terrorist". And of course 99% of the people would agree we should find terrorists. And hey, what's a digital picture of your car? Doesn't hurt.

But the consequences will be devastating. We're giving governments the green light to look behind our curtains. Will they abuse it? Of course they will! 100% sure. Governments throughout the ages never stepped back, unless through war or revolution. You give them a finger and they swallow you. Just a matter of time.

Now check out this video below. Is that not you? Why were you there? said you were going to the doctor. And then to the shop! Explain, please!!

UPDATE: And don't you trust Google; read what the CEO of this US privacy buster company has to say about privacy:

"But if you are trying to commit a terrible, evil crime, it's not obvious that you should be able to do so with complete anonymity."

Shiver! Mr Schmidt wants to be the Alpha and Omega in deciding if you are going to commit a crime. He wants to look over your shoulder. Gone Net Neutrality.
Together with the police and intelligent agencies. You see, you could be planning evil crimes. You lied before when you said you were going to the doctor and then to the shop. Why should we believe you now?

I heard that one before...let me think where...hmmmm..

UPDATE1: You prove you're not guilty! ABC News: Software predicts criminal behaviour

UPDATE2: Yahoo News: The Government's new right to track your every move through GPS

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