Sunday, March 6, 2011

How To Prepare The Dutch Population For Austerity & Serfdom 101

Profits privatised; gambling debts of the banks socialised. That's bad news for any bankrupt country! But how do you package the news that the ones who have to pay for these debt is the guy in the street? Which institutions do you use to break the news? How do you write the message? 

How To prepare the Dutch Population For Austerity & Serfdom 101:

Lesson 1: Use an "independent" trustworthy institution as the source to break the bad news. Smart, intelligent people thought about this problem, so that's cool.

Lesson 2:  The message must be:
"Despite some minor bad news, it is all under control, there are no problems. In fact, it is only good news. Trust us!"
Lesson 3:  Throw figures and economic slogans around. (Not too important, this part will only be read by a minority of the readers)

Lesson 4: Use a Financial Newspaper and their brain dead journalists to make the story public. They are paid for in any case.

Lesson 5: Warn the reader that cutting red tape would be the worst idea. So...job saved of the bureaucrat...that's out of the way! Forget about this, the rest is only good news!

Lesson 6 : Remind the reader of the gas reserves in the Dutch town of Slochteren. That's still a nice honey pot for a rainy day, so what's the problem? Nobody knows in any case that "Slochteren" has been used and calculated many times over by politicians to spend money and keep the voters happy. They call it gas, I call it "Hopium".

Read the good news Dutch austerity plan, calculated by politicans, aided by an " independent " institutions (CBP) and made public in a paid-for newspaper (Financieel Dagblad) here (Google translated).

By the way, the magic word the writer forgot is the word "temporary".

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