Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Assassinates His Unarmed Enemy By Shooting Him in the Head And Then Throws His Body Out Of A Helicopter Into the Sea.

Never mind the cruelty of Osama Bin Laden, the moral high ground of the Americans is laughable. This tit-for-tat debt empire which spends trillion of US$ on warfare equipment but just cannot win wars even if the country consists of rocks or sand only now has to resort to sending kidnap and assassination teams to foreign countries to take out their symbolic enemies.

Constitution, schmnontitution, you are only protected by the rule of law and the constitution if you're not condemned by the media. Constitution? Only if you're not a prisoner at Guantanomo bay. Constutution? Not if you're being waterboarded. Constitution? Only if youre not a victim of rendition procedures. Constitution? Not if you're a victim of fraudulent regulators like the SEC and FDIC. Constitution? Not if it does not suit the blood thirsty tugs in charge.

A massive war apparatus to protect the US pissed on by a few guys with box cutters. Something I am missing here?

The same Americans who shout for more blood at Times square can be found on Sunday in church asking for forgiveness for all their sins. Violence! they shout. Violence is the only language they understand. Fools, they are.

Typically the last day of an empire. 

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